SAVVA Handbook
Section 13


13.1.       SAVVA SUBSCRITIONS :  These are due on the first day of January each year based on the membership of each club as at December 31st  of the previous year.  The amount due is stated in Section 14 of this handbook.

13.1.1. NO SUPPLEMENTARY payments are required for new members joining during the course of a year, as this will be taken care of at the beginning of the next year.

13.1.2. In terms of the SAVVA Constitution (Section 2 herein), subscriptions must be paid before the 31st of March, failing which a club in default shall be automatically suspended from all benefits of membership, including voting rights.  The onus is on the Club Treasurers to ensure that SAVVA dues are paid by the due date. NO DEBIT NOTE WILL BE SENT OUT BY THE SAVVA TREASURER FOR THE PAYMENT OF DUES. A confirming invoice will be sent when the payment is received.

13.2.1    CHANGES OF ADDRESS :  It is still the desire of SAVVA to have on record a full list of all club members more particularly in the light of the formation of a separate Commission within Motorsport South Africa for SAVVA.  This matter is presently on hold.

13.2.1. Clubs should maintain an accurate record of their membership to be available to SAVVA when required. Clubs must supply the SAVVA Secretary, for record purposes, on an annual basis, a full membership list incorporating the indemnity card numbers.

Document updated 28 October 2010


Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association