SAVVA Handbook
Section 12




12.1.       ELIGIBILITY :   The person who is considered to have done most for the “Veteran and Vintage”  movement during the year under review.  This effort may have been directed in general or to his/her own particular club.  He/she must be a member in their own right in good standing of their club, which must be affiliated to the SAVVA.


12.2.        PROCEDURE :  Each year, at least six weeks before the Annual General Meeting of SAVVA, each club wishing to do so, submits a summary of the work done by the member whom the club nominates. This should be an outline describing just why the club considers the nominee to warrant the premier award of the year.  The SAVVA Chairman will then decide to whom the award will be made.  He then obtains a miniature.  The club at a suitable function should present both the trophy and the miniature, as soon as possible after the SAVVA Annual General Meeting.    



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