SAVVA Handbook
Section 11


11.1.    SAVVA recommends that all vehicles carry as a minimum requirement a 1 kilogram Dry Powder fire extinguisher. For those who feel that 1kg fire extinguisher is inadequate, then the desired size could be made up of multiples of 1kg extinguishers. Most Dry Powder fire extinguishers now available have a controlled discharge.

11.2.       Dry powder extinguishers are proved and efficient.  The dry powder chemicals          smother the fire and eliminate the danger of re-flashes.

11.3.    The B.C.F. (Bromochlorodifuoromethane - CBrCIF2) type of fire extinguisher is no longer recommended as it is not “ozone friendly”. Those who still have BCF fire extinguishers should keep them for an emergency, but discard them after use, and replace them with dry powder extinguishers.  Check the recharge date on the BCF unit to ensure that it has not expired to ensure the unit is serviceable if required.

11.4.       It is suggested that members purchase extinguishers from their local branches of the      companies listed below

            Chubb Fire  (Pty) Ltd                           Natfire (Pty) Ltd (an MSA Group Operation)

            Chubb House                                       Cnr Kelvin and Steel Roads     

            15th Road                                             Spartan

Randjespark Ext 95

Midrand                                               P.O.Box 1710, Kempton Park, 1620

Telephone :  011 – 653 0400                Telephone : 011 – 394 6630

Facsimile :    011 – 314 3571               Facsimile :   011 – 394 5649   


         Document updated 28 October 2010


Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association