SAVVA Handbook
Section 10


10.1.       GENERAL :  SAVVA is “registered” with the Johannesburg Branch of the Department of Sport and Recreation and all dealings with the department are channelled through this office.  SAVVA also works through the Department of Transport in Pretoria regarding the National Transport Information System (NATIS) and legislation on motor vehicles now that a single system is in place and will be fully operational by the end of the first quarter of 1997. 

10.2.    COMMUNICATION WITH GOVERNMENT :  Clubs are encouraged to refer matters that affect the old vehicle movement as a whole, to the SAVVA Portfolio Holder and not approach government  or municipal departments directly.  It is essential that we make a common unified stand when approaching the authorities.

10.3.       SPONSORSHIP :  Organisers of National Events  which are run over three or more days  may approach the SAVVA Portfolio Holder for sponsorship. Many of the larger sponsors have requested that they will only consider involvement if the SAVVA National Council is involved in the discussions and negotiations. All funds shall be channelled through the SAVVA Portfolio Holder. Promoting Club’s attention must be drawn to the following conditions for eligibility for SAVVA sponsorship, only National Events can apply for assistance. SAVVA at all times retains naming rights for the event and that assistance will only be committed after appropriate permits have been issued by SAVVA MS. No assistance will be considered if the event is able to attract other sponsors.

10.4.       FINANCIAL REPORTING :  When application is made to SAVVA a full detailed budget must be submitted and include the names of the club members that will be administering the funds and the name of the Financial Institution that will hold the funds.  A brief outline of the event will also be required stating the hotels to be used and the towns and places through which the event will pass.

10.4.1. If the sponsorship is granted the club will be fully responsible for moneys in their possession and will need to account by way of a detailed statement to the SAVVA Portfolio Holder within 30 days of the running of the event.  Any money not utilised must be returned to SAVVA.

10.5.       REPRESENTATION AT FIVA :  The Chairman of the SAVVA may represent the Association at the meetings of FIVA or IHVO.  In the event that he is unable to travel overseas at the scheduled time of the meeting the SAVVA National Council  shall appoint an alternative representative but will take into consideration the need for continuity and way any benefits that may accrue from attending such meetings.

Document updated 28 October 2010


Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association