SAVVA Handbook
Section 8



8.1.           SECURITY :  All trophies are the property of SAVVA.  Organisers are responsible for obtaining the signatures and addresses of the winners of trophies when presented at the prize-giving.  The list of holders is to be sent to the SAVVA Trophy Officer as soon after the event as possible together with a list  of the results and awards so that these may be recorded in the register held by the Trophy  Officer.


8.2.           TRANSFER TO NEXT EVENT : In addition the organiser of the completed National Event shall send the SAVVA delegate for the organising club of the next National Event a full list of trophies,  winners with addresses and telephone numbers and a copy of the results which shall show details of the vehicle (Year and make).


8.3.           RECOVERY FROM RECIPIANTS :  The  trophy officer of the club organising the next National  shall send out letters six months before the event to all trophy holders reminding them to have the trophies engraved and returned by a certain date.


8.4.            DUTY OF WINNERS :  It is recommended that the SRs for the event include a clause that winners of trophies are responsible for the return of the engraved trophy in good condition.


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Document updated 28 October 2010


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