SAVVA Handbook
Section 7


7.1. Only bona fide members of a club affiliated to the SAVVA may have vehicles dated.

7.2. CHARGES: These are set out in Section 14 herein.

7.3. RECORDS: Each club should appoint a responsible and preferably knowledgeable member to control the dating process within the club and who will act as sole liaison between the club and the SAVVA Dating Officer

7.3.1. Each club must keep their own records of vehicles dated.

7.3.2. The SAVVA Dating Officer will keep the original application filed in a safe place at his convenience. The records are to be kept in perpetuity and never destroyed.

7.3.3. The Master Dating Register, which is the official dating record of SAVVA to be kept by the SAVVA Dating Officer.

7.3.4. Individuals’ application payment must be made directly to the SAVVA Treasurer and proof of payment attached to the application form which is submitted to the SAVVA Dating Officer, there after the Dating Plaque and Certificate will be dispatched.

7.4. COMPLETION OF APPLICATION FORMS: There are different forms for Motorcycles and All Other Vehicles. Both forms are multi-paged and are of the fold out type. (Specimens of the individual pages are attached). These must be filled in COMPLETELY in every detail correctly and legibly. Every question must have an answer supplied. No blank spaces to be left e.g. if there is no engine number state “No engine no”. A ‘rubbing’ of the engine and chassis numbers is required.

7.5. PHOTOGRAPHS: Three photographs showing front, side and rear of motor cars busses and commercial vehicles must be affixed to the application where stated. In the case of motorcycles only two photographs, one for each side, are required to be fixed to the application form.

7.6. DATING NUMBERS: Numbers are issued by the Dating Officer in strict numerical sequence from the Master Dating Register. No special numbers are permitted and no dating numbers will be issued before the completion of the dating procedure.

7.7. DATING PROCEDURE: The club member applies to his club dating officer for a form as per 7.4. above. Note that application on any other form or a photocopy will be rejected by the SAVVA Dating Officer.

7.7.1. The member/applicant completes the form and must supply all relevant supporting information for the date claimed. The onus is fully upon the member/applicant to supply sufficient information to the Club Dating Officer to verify the date claimed. Information from reference books, letters from authorities or marque specialists, must be attached to the application form either in the original form or photocopies thereof.

7.7.2. The Club Dating Officer examines the application form to ensure there are no omissions in the answers supplied and that all questions have been answered. The Club Dating Officer or the committee of the club must verify the information supplied by inspection of the vehicle, engine and chassis numbers as well as wheel base and other details submitted. If insufficient detail or information is supplied it is the responsibility of the Club or their Dating Officer to assist the member to locate local or overseas references or consultants.

7.7.3. When the Club Dating Officer is satisfied with the application and supporting documentation submitted by the member he will send all the paperwork to the SAVVA Dating Chairman concerned - either Motorvehicles or Motorcycles. If rejected further investigation must be done by the Club Dating Officer in consultation with the owner, who must have the opportunity to accept a revision of date claimed.

7.7.4. The SAVVA Dating Officer has the power to reject an application if he feels that insufficient information has been supplied to verify the date claimed. He may institute his own research or return the application to the club concerned for revision.

7.7.5. Once the SAVVA Dating Officer is satisfied that the vehicle is correctly dated he will then confirm the date with the SAVVA Chairman. The details will then be entered in the Master Dating Register and the SAVVA Dating Officer will arrange for the plaque and certificate to be made. He will then despatch the plaque and certificate to the club concerned with an invoice for the costs as set out in Section 14 herein for onward transmission to the member.

7.8. RE - DATING: Should a Club Dating Officer or a member obtain proof that the date of the vehicle previously dated, is not correct, it must then be re-dated. There will be no charge for re-dating. The cost of replacement of the plaque and/or certificate will be as per Section 14 herein.

7.9. REISSUE OF PLAQUES AND CERTIFICATES: These may be reissued due to loss, change of ownership or change of date in accordance with the costs set out in Section 14. The SAVVA form attached must be used when ordering duplicate/replacement plaques and certificates.

7.10. SCOPE OF DATING: All member Clubs of SAVVA have agreed to accept the dating of a vehicle as proof of eligibility in their events. The dating is not a guarantee of authenticity of the vehicle and by the issue of the plaque and certificate SAVVA does not bind itself by the contents engraved or written therein in any way whatsoever.

7.11. DIFFERENT AGE OF COMPONENTS: When the major components of a vehicle or motorcycle are of a different year of manufacture, then the dating is done as follows;

 Example No.1. Chassis and body are 1927, Engine is 1929 in order to get the vehicle mobile. The certificated ‘date’ would be 1927/1929. And for events the vehicle would be entered / classified as a 1929.

 Example No.2. A motorcycle frame 1917, Engine 1923. Certified ‘date’ would be 1917/1923. Vehicle would not be able to enter as a Veteran.


a) has been altered or modified to create a body which differs in style or appearance from the original body as fitted at the time of manufacture,

b) is an exact reproduction or recognised coach work but has been created at a later date than the date of manufacture of the engine, chassis and original body,

this vehicle is to be recognised as a non-authentic replica and should be described as either a replica or a special or a non-authentic reproduction in the SAVVA Register, on the Dating Certificate and on the back of the Dating Plaque.

7.13. PROOF OF DATING: The only acceptable proof that clubs are compelled to acknowledge that a vehicle has been dated by SAVVA is the Official Plaque as illustrated below or the Dating Certificate. There is a tendency by a few clubs to produce their own version of a dating plaque that is not approved.

7.14. COMMUNICATION and QUERIES: At all times, both the SAVVA Dating Officers will only communicate with Club Dating Officers. Any queries by club members must in be directed to their respective Club Dating Officer who in turn will contact the SAVVA Dating Officer concerned. All queries should be in writing and accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope.



Document updated 28 October 2010

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