SAVVA Handbook
Section 5



5.1       GENERAL :  At the Annual General Meeting in October 2008 it was resolved by the National Council that all existing SAVVA INDEMNITY FORMS were deemed null and void and that all members would be required to complete and sign the new form headed INDEMNITY DECLARATION UNDERTAKING  (2009) (Annexure E). The Indemnity applies to all events, socials, fun runs displays nothing excluded organised and promoted by a Club affiliated to SAVVA.  The onus rests upon the Club to ensure persons listed hereunder complete the form before participation in any event.

5.1.1.   All Members upon joining a Club their spouses drivers, navigators and passengers of participating vehicles.

5.1.2.   All officials, marshals and their assistants including drivers and passengers in tender vehicles and in modern vehicles who are part of the event.

5.1.3.   Persons representing sponsors, the press, SAVVA or the host club who will be present on the event or who may travel in a competing vehicle.


5.2       INDEMNITY FORM :  The Indemnity form (Double sided) is to be signed by all persons designated in  paragraphs 5.1.1. to 5.1.3. above. In the case of a person under the age of 21 the parent or guardian will counter sign the form or on their behalf and when that person attains the age of 21 years should sign the form themselves or a new form should be completed. It must be witnessed and initialled as indicated.

5.2.1    Once completed the 5 digit number from the orange indemnity card is to be recorded thereon and the original forms posted to the SAVVA Secretary. Clubs are encouraged to keep a copy of each form. The secretariat retains all the forms and they are never to be destroyed.


5.3.      INDEMNITY CARDS :  Stocks  are held by the SAVVA Secretariat and should be ordered by clubs to meet their requirements via email or SMS.

5.3.1    The orange cards should be issued upon receipt of the completed 2008 application.

5.3.2        Where a card was issued using the pre 2008 form and the person now wishes to participate in an event in any capacity, the new form must be completed and the new orange card issued.




1.                  Prior to January 2008 clubs were using the MSA form going back to 2003 and subsequently the 2006 SAVVA version of the same document and issuing the yellow indemnity card that is pre-numbered.


2.                  Following advice from our attorneys and some court decisions we were advised to reissue the form in the 2008 format double-sided sheet.  The old form is not acceptable after January 2008.



Document updated 28 October 2010

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