SAVVA Handbook
Section 4



4.1       GENERAL :  Through the co-operation of Motorsport South Africa,  the SAVVA is authorised to issue SAVVA National Competition Licences  (hereinafter referred to as the licence) to paid up members of an affiliated club for the purpose of competing in motor sport events organised by a SAVVA club specifically for motor vehicles and motorcycles provided for under Section 2 Clause 2.2.1 hereof. These cover all events under the jurisdiction of the FIA and/or FIM and FIVA provided they are not speed and circuit racing events as defined in the GCR’s of MSA and that vehicles less than 20 years old are not included.


4.2       ELIGIBILITY :  The  Licence may only be issued to paid up members of a club affiliated to the SAVVA who are in good standing and hold  a valid drivers licence in terms of the Road Traffic Act and or Provincial Ordinance in force at the time of issue. The validity of the licence ceases on termination of the membership of the holder.  Wives, spouses, partners and children (Junior Members) of members do not qualify to hold a Competition license unless they are members in their own right.


4.3       SCOPE OF USE :   Members in possession of the said  Licence are entitled to participate in any event organised by a club affiliated to the SAVVA which  is restricted to vehicles provided for under Section 2 Clause 2.2.1 hereof and run in the Republic of South Africa under the international sporting codes of the FIA and the FIM, the GCR's of MSA and the VSR's of the SAVVA.


4.4       COST OF LICENCE :  Free


4.5       ISSUE OF LICENCE : No separate card is issued.  The numbered club membership card will be recognised as the authority to enter and drive on an event supported by the driver’s licence for the vehicle/motorcycle entered


4.6             RENEWAL OF LICENCE :  The same as for club membership renewal.


4.7.      REPORTING PROCEDURES :  To facilitate record keeping and the need for  SAVVA Motorsport to retain a list of valid current  licences in force, clubs must issue numbered membership cards and organisers will record membership numbers on entry lists for events


4.8       LOST - REPLACEMENT :   In the event of the card  being lost it may be replaced.


4.9       CANCELLATION/SUSPENSION :  The licence may be suspended or cancelled if the holder is found guilty of an offence in terms of the GCR's and/or VSR's by the Disciplinary Committee of the SAVVA and /or Council of Motorsport South Africa.


4.10     RECORDS OF SAVVA MOTORSPORT :  The Portfolio Holder of SAVVA.M.S. shall keep proper records of all Licences issued by the clubs from information supplied. These records may be available for inspection at any time and will be submitted to MSA when requested by them to do so.


4.11          VALIDITY OF LICENCE : The validity of the licence ceases upon the holder no longer being in good standing with the issuing club or resignation from the club.


4.12          TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP : Temporary membership is required for a non-member to drive on an event. This may be granted on the payment of a fee in the order of R25 per event and may include the cost of the Indemnity provided for in the next Section of this handbook.


4.12     LICENCE WITHDRAWAL : At all times the SAVVA reserves the sole right to withdraw all licences or amend the requirements for issue, if it is deemed by the National Council to be in the interests of the old car movement.


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Document updated 28 October 2010


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