SAVVA Handbook
Section 3



3.1       LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS:   The following are the meanings of the abbreviations used in the text of this section and generally within the Association:


FIA                             Federation Internationale de I'Automobile


FIM                             Federation Internationale de Motocycliste


            IHVO                          International Historic Vehicle Organisation


FIVA                          Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens


MSA                           Motorsport South Africa or Motorsport SA


SAVVA                      Southern African Veteran & Vintage Association


SAVVA.M.S.             S.A.V.V.A. Motorsport


GCRs                         General Competition Rules of Motorsport SA


VSRs                          Standing Supplementary Regulations of SAVVA.M.S.


SRs                             Supplementary Regulations of Organising Club.




3.2       RESPONSIBILITIES :   In terms of the waiver granted by AA Motorsport on November 10th 1975 and confirmed by Motorsport South Africa in October 1995, SAVVA.M.S will be responsible for the control of all motor sport events exclusively for vehicles provided for in the Constitution (Section 2 Clause 2.2.1) and excluding all later vehicles. This does not include races and speed contests of  any nature as defined by the GCR's of  MSA.


3.2.1    MSA will handle any matters affecting SAVVA.M.S at a level above that of protests. This will include appeals regarding protests, court hearings, any claims, financial or otherwise against SAVVA, affiliated Clubs or MSA.  Any matter that may have the potential for legal action must be referred to SAVVA.M.S for immediate reporting to MSA. 


3.3       FUNCTIONS:    SAVVA.M.S  will control motor sport for vehicles provided for in the Constitution (Section 2 Clause 2.2.1) as recognised by the FIVA in terms of the waiver and of the rules, regulations and instructions issued or approved by MSA, which may include those issued or approved by the FIVA or any constituent subordinate Committee appointed by the FIVA or approved by the FIA or FIM.


3.4              APPOINTMENT OF PORTFOLIO HOLDER:  The appointment of the Portfolio Holder will be by ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the SAVVA.  In the event of there being no nomination and ballot or the post becomes vacant the National Council of the SAVVA may co-opt any person to the position.  Such appointee shall be responsible for the day to day running of SAVVA.M.S.  The Portfolio Holder may, with the approval of the Chairman of the SAVVA nominate from time to time, persons to serve on SAVVA.M.S and delegate specific responsibilities to such persons.


3.5       POWERS and DUTIES:   SAVVA.M.S. shall have the following powers and duties:

3.5.1.   Approve Supplementary Regulations and Entry Forms for all events submitted by Organising Clubs to ensure compliance with GCR's and VSR's in terms of the waiver from MSA.

3.5.2.   Issue Organising Permits to Clubs for events approved in terms of clause 3.5.1.

3.5.3. Restricted Competition Licences are now incorporated in the valid, current membership card.

3.5.4.   Approve the appointment of SAVVA Stewards for all events held in terms of the waiver from MSA.

3.5.5.   Exercise such judicial powers and functions as may be delegated by MSA.

3.5.6.   Make such recommendations for the consideration of MSA as deemed desirable in the interests of SAVVA.M.S. for the smooth running of events that cater for vehicles provided for in the Constitution (Section 2 Clause 2.2.1)  including the updating, maintenance and distribution of the VSR's.

3.5.7.   Ensure that all applicable rules, regulations and instructions are followed as they relate to motor sport activities.

3.5.8.   Co-operate with and assist MSA where requested in order to promote mutual interests.    

3.5.9.   Ensure that moneys due from clubs for Permits and Public Liability Insurance is timeously remitted to the Treasurer.

3.5.10. Notwithstanding any of the items above, SAVVA.M.S. shall have no power to amend, add to or make SAVVA policies which are in any way in conflict with the Rules, Regulations and Instructions of MSA.


3.6       RECORDS TO BE KEPT: The Portfolio Holder will keep and maintain the following records :


3.6.2    INDEMNITY CARDS.  A record of the cards distributed to the clubs is kept by the Secretariat.

3.6.3    VSR BOOKLETS.  Hold stocks for the benefit of clubs and distribute as ordered. Declare the number held at the end of June each year to the SAVVA Treasurer.

3.6.4    REGISTER OF EVENTS.  Maintain a record of all approved events and monetary deposits received including copies of permit applications and other documents.

3.6.5    FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS. Documentary proof of all transactions shall be kept and a full statement shall be provided to the SAVVA Treasurer at the end of June each year. 


3.7       METHOD OF COMMUNICATION:  In order to facilitate communication each SAVVA Affiliated Club shall appoint an Events Secretary who will be the sole communicator with SAVVA.M.S. for matters relative to the running of events and the technical issues connected therewith. The appointee should have a working knowledge of the GCR's and VSR's along with the documentation requirements for the portfolio. In exceptional circumstances where a club committee is unable to handle the query and with the approval of the Event Secretary a member may communicate directly with SAVVA.M.S.


3.8       PROCEDURES FOR A COMPETITIVE EVENT:  In order to run and organise a competitive Event, Trial or Reliability Run the following procedures shall be followed:

3.8.1.   The standard form "APPLICATION FOR ORGANISING PERMIT" (Annexure A) and the "SUPPLEMENTARY QUESTIONNAIRE" (Annexure C) should be completed by the Event Secretary of the organising club to which should be attached a draft of the SR's and Entry Form, (Annexure B & D), for National type events where members of other SAVVA clubs and members of motor clubs affiliated to MSA may enter and all vehicles must be dated in terms of the VSR's. 

3.8.2.   To the paperwork in paragraph 3.8.1 above, a cheque must be deposited to cover the  permit         cost of  R55.00 plus R9.50 times the maximum number of participants  for the  Public Liability Insurance. Cheques should be made payable to "SAVVA".  All documents should be posted at least eight weeks before the event or six weeks before closing date for entries. Faxed documents should be transmitted six weeks before the event. (For addresses see section 16 herein).

3.8.3.   The Organising Club must obtain written permission from all Provincial and Local Authorities through whose jurisdiction the event will pass or be held. Give a brief description of the route and event, some will also require a map. Requirements may vary between the various administrations and the Event Secretary in each club should be fully conversant with the requirements in their respective areas.

3.8.4.   The APPOINTMENT OF STEWARDS for the event must be carefully considered and the SAVVA Steward has to be approved by SAVVA. M.S. The Stewards must have no part in the organisation or running of the event and cannot be competitors as should there be a point of dispute or protest they need to be completely independent and impartial.

3.8.5.   Within twenty one days of the event taking place the Event Secretary of the organising Club shall submit a Clerk of the Course Report (Annexure I) on the standard form duly signed by the Clerk of the Course and the SAVVA Steward, to SAVVA. M.S. Attached to the report must be the Final Instructions to the competitors and the results of the event in the format required. Upon receipt any refund of moneys due to the club will be made along with a written acknowledgement from SAVVA. M.S. 

3.8.6.   Any club that fails to submit the required documentation in paragraph 3.8.5. above timeously will forfeit the right of  issue of any subsequent Permits until the outstanding paperwork for past events has been brought up to date.

3.8.7.   Stewards, the Clerk of the Course, and Chief Marshal should all have in their possession, or access to, the booklets GCR'S of MSA and VSR's of SAVVA when involved and          running a competitive event.  Every competitor should have their own copy of the SAVVA VSR's.


3.9       AMENDMENTS:  Amendments to the regulations governing SAVVA motorsport events and the VSR's will be circulated to all SAVVA Office Bearers, Portfolio Holders and Club Event Secretaries when required.  The booklet of General Competition Rules (GCR'S) of MSA is re-issued every year.


3.10     SPECIMEN FORMS:  The following specimen forms used for motorsport activities will be found on the on the website, Club Login, section 18, Forms Download.  These also appear in the VSR's Booklet.




APPLICATION FOR ORGANISING PERMIT - Supplementary Questionnaire - For    completion by Clerk of the Course and SAVVA Steward.


Draft SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS (SR'S)  for all other  events when vehicles must be dated.


            Draft Entry Form to be used.


 CLERK OF THE COURSE REPORT - Note requirements to be attached.


3.11     DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE:  Motorsport South Africa have empowered SAVVA to form a Disciplinary Committee. The committee will be called upon to act should any competitor not abide by the rules of the road or deliberately disregard the instructions of the Clerk of the Course and Stewards on or during an event. Members are reminded of the necessity to ensure that their members and competitors do not infringe traffic regulations in any way. These include bad or reckless driving, speeding, failing to observe road signs, jumping Stop streets and generally driving a vehicle in such a manner as to be dangerous to other road users and which could bring the Association into disrepute.

3.12     CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE: The certificate is required in respect of club events where participants are given a meeting point or destination and are required to make their

own way to such destination. No route schedule or written directions are provided which give route, speed or time to members from a start point to an end point. (Such events require an organising permit as per 3.8) Vehicles participating under a clearance certificate shall not have numbers affixed to them. Clubs should submit, to the Motorsport Portfolio Holder, a list of all club events, not requiring an organising permit, in order to obtain a clearance certificate annually.


Southern African Veteran and Vintage Association