SAVVA has in place a uniform system of dating vehicles and motorcycles that ensures a true record of the authenticity of the vehicle. A standard Application Form, Certificate and Plaque is used by all clubs. Once dated clubs will accept the date of the vehicle without question. Should information come to hand subsequently that makes the dating more accurate the Certificate and Plaque will be corrected. Owners of old vehicles are encouraged to have their vehicles dated as this proves beyond doubt the authenticity of the vehicle and can be used for licensing and insurance purposes.

It is conditional upon entry of many competitive events organised by clubs that vehicles are dated and the only recognised medium of proof required by organisers are the official Plaque or Certificate.

This service is only available to members in good standing who purchase the required form from their Club Dating Officer who will assist them with the procedures. Three photographs of the vehicle from specific angles are required to be attached when the application is submitted to the SAVVA Dating Officer.

When the major components of a vehicle or motorcycle are of a different year of manufacture, then the dating is done as follows;

Example No.1. Chassis and body are 1927, Engine is 1929 in order to get the vehicle mobile. The certificated 'date' would be 1927/1929. and for events the vehicle would be entered / classified as a 1929.

Example No.2. A motorcycle frame 1917, Engine 1923. Certified 'date' would be 1917/1923. Vehicle would not be able to enter as a Veteran.

When the body of a vehicle ;

a) has been altered or modified to create a body which differs in style or appearance from the original body as fitted at the time of manufacture,

b) is an exact reproduction or recognised coach work but has been created at a later date than the date of manufacture of the engine, chassis and original body,
this vehicle is to be recognised as a non-authentic replica and should be described as either a replica or a special or a non-authentic reproduction in the SAVVA Register, on the Dating Certificate and on the back of the Dating Plaque.


Class A
Ancestor - Built prior to December 31, 1904

Class B
Veteran - Built between January 1905 & December 31, 1918
Generally the above classes are rallied together under the banner of Veteran

Class C
Vintage - Built between January 1919 & December 31, 1930

Class D
Post Vintage - Built between January 1931 & December 31, 1945

Class E
Post War - Built between January 1946 & December 31, 1960

Class F
Post 60 Built between January 1961 & December 31, 1970

Class G
Post 70 Built between January 1971 & the SAVVA age Limit as defined in the Constituition
Dating of vehicles
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